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Permanently Fixing a PowerStroke

Posted in How To on March 1, 2010
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Okay, maybe I'm being a bit wishful when I state "permanently." I know better than to ever expect our longtime Super Duty project, the STD, to be resolved of all engine problems. But I have to imagine that we're not the only guys out there going through 6.0L woes. The Powerstroke 6.0L engine is a good basic design, but it has a few flaws that can make any positive comments lost in an onslaught of cursing and badmouthing that goes hand-in-hand with any recollections of this engine.

On the bright side, this truck has made us learn more about the inner workings of diesel engines-specifically Powerstroke diesel engines-and the entire staff has been able to learn what failures and fixes there are for these trucks' main issues. We've seen two major problems that plague most Super Dutys-both of which stem from the cooling system: oil issues that stem from the oil cooler, and EGR cooler issues that often stem from the oil cooler as well.

After years of this sad project truck running poorly (since almost brand new), our STD is running strong. In fact, I'm going to venture to say we have one of the best running 6.0L engines in the country right now, thanks to the guys (and girl) and Bulletproof Diesel in Mesa, Arizona. They've come out with two new products-an enhanced replacement EGR Cooler Upgrade and their Oil Cooler Upgrade-that, along with some new fuel injectors, have fixed our 6.0L diesel and gotten it to run better than we ever imagined possible. With this truck fixed up so well, what else could go wrong? Well, maybe that variable geometry turbo could go bad...but what are the chances of that?!

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Bulletproof Diesel
Mesa, AZ 85210

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