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2010 Axle Parts Guide - The Latest And Greatest

Posted in How To on April 1, 2010
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Photographers: Courtesy of the Manufacturer

Whether it's time for a gear change to compensate for newly-installed taller tires or an all-out upgrade to a beefy aftermarket housing with chromoly axle shafts and a locking differential, this Axle parts Guide should have you covered. Check out the latest and greatest of what's available in axle shafts, gears, and differentials, as well as purpose-built complete and partial assemblies designed for your 4x4's needs.

ARB Air Locker
• The ARB Air Locker offers positive traction at the push of a button.
• Many applications available.
• Popular 34-spline Ford 9 3/4-inch axle application now available.
• Patented two-piece case design is manufactured from heavy, cross-sectioned nodular iron casting for virtually unbreakable strength.
• Features ARB's patented Time Gear Technology, which offers the highest locking strength while maintaining split-second unlocking ability.
• A steel-reinforced, bonded seal is in place to handle the most extreme climactic temperatures.
• Developed using the very latest CAD, CAM, parametric solid modeling systems, and finite element analysis packages.

(800) 761-8192

Currie Enterprises
• RockJock III Dana 60 high-pinion front end assembly for the 2007-and-up Jeep JK
• Assembly features the 65-45-12 ductile iron housing center, an AR400 heat-treated bottom skid plate, three-inch DOM steel tubes, 1-ton inner knuckles, 5/16-inch-thick heavy steel diff cover, yoke (1310/1330/1350 optional), and all new, heavy-duty Currie Jeep JK suspension brackets.
• Axle shafts are the Currie performance 4340 35-spline inner and outer ’shafts with Spicer 1480 U-joints.
• Outer assemblies include 1-ton outer knuckles featuring Currie “high steer” steering arm and ball joints installed, Currie 1-ton unit bearings with 5 on 5 1/2 wheel bolt pattern, and JK tone rings allowing for ABS and ESP retention.
• Choice of Currie drive flanges or premium manual locking hubs.
• Includes 13-inch vented brake rotors and zinc-plated caliper brackets that allow the use of the stock JK front calipers.
• Includes Currie’s heavy-duty 1 3/8-inch OD 4130 chromoly tie rod with tie rod ends.
• All that is necessary for installation is a high-pinion Dana 60 ring and pinion gear set, a Dana 60 35-spline carrier of your choice, and a bearing and set up kit.

Currie Enterprises
(714) 982-5298

4x4 Posi-Lok
• The 4x4 Posi-Lok is a permanent replacement for the failure prone O.E. vacuum and electric front axle engagement systems.
• The stock vacuum and electric front axle engagement systems are replaced with a manual cable pull system that allows the front axle to be engaged from inside the cab.
• Eliminates the weak link in the 4WD system.
• Extends life of front axle parts by cutting down wear to the right –side axle components.
• Available for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles.

4x4 Posi-Lok
(517) 279-7177

• The TeraFlex CRD60R is a custom high-pinion 60 series axle.
• Features larger bearing caps, larger outer pinion bearing, rotated cover angle, and smooth radius bottom for superior clearance at any pinion angle.
• 100 percent engineered, designed, and built in the USA.
• Housing features cast ribs and gussets for strength and to resist deflection.
• Includes a heavy-duty 3/8-inch cast cover for extreme rock protection.
• CAD-designed housing and bracketry.
• Suspension brackets are CNC laser-cut from ¼-inch-thick steel plate.
• Extra thick 3-inch OD DOM axle tubes.
• Proven tri-chamber oil system for maximum oil flow to critical bearings.
• Applications available for all model Wranglers – YJ, TJ, and JK.
• Functions properly with Wrangler JK ESP, ABS, and speedometer sensors.

(801) 288-2585

Eaton Performance ELocker
• The Eaton ELocker goes from fully open to full 100-percent lock up at the touch of a button.
• ELockers are engineered for Dana 30 and Dana 35 Jeep axles in both stock 27-spline and high-performance 30-spline applications.
• Fits both C-clip and non C-clip axle styles.
• Electronically-activated for on-demand performance.
• The ELocker can withstand deep gearing, large tires, and harsh off-road terrains.
• Acts as an open diff when not engaged; provides full locking ability when engaged.

Eaton Performance / Detroit Locker
(800) 328-3850

Eaton Detroit TrueTrac
• Available for many applications, including 11.5-inch, 9.25-inch, and Dana 80 axles.
• Fully automatic limited slip differential that performs as an open unit until needed.
• Helical gear design eliminates the need for wearable parts.
• Smooth and quiet operation.
• Steel case for maximum durability.
• Proven design, low cost, and effective performance.
• Perfect unit for towing applications.
• No clutches or cones to wear out and never needs maintenance.

Eaton Performance / Detroit Locker
(800) 328-3850

• New ProRock 44 high-pinion axle housings and assemblies. • Bolt-in units available for Jeep TJ and JK applications and many others.
• Uses stronger "New Generation" Dana 44 ring and pinion gears and axle shafts equipped with larger U-joints.
• The ProRock 44 housing is fully compatible and ready to accept your existing stock and aftermarket Wrangler TJ or JK Dana 44 ring and pinion gears (JK only), lockers, knuckles, brakes, and axle shafts.
• TJ owners with Dana 30 front axles can re-use their knuckles, wheel bearings, and brakes.
• Housing is a steel forging made in the U.S.A.
• Extreme-duty, steel suspension brackets are computer-designed and CNC-manufactured in the U.S.A. Brackets are 50-percent thicker and much stronger than stock brackets.
• ProRock 44 housings include Dynatrac’s new Pro44 end forging which is much stronger than stock and crucial for running big tires.
• Dynatrac's American-made quality and industry leading warranty is standard equipment on all ProRock 44 housings and assemblies.

(714) 596-4461

JTS Parts & Accessories
• Nitro Gear & Axle Excalibur 300M Competition U-joints.
• Now available for Dana 30, 44, and 60, and GM 8.5 front axle applications.
• Two sizes available to replace 760X/297X and 806X/733X Spicer U-joints.
• Precision-machined from 300M billet material.
• Uses full-circle snap rings - no needle bearings to crush.
• Manufactured using a state-of-the-art heat treating process.
• Surface-hardened trunnion to prevent galling.
• Made in the U.S.A.
• Serviceable U-joint for many years of use.
• Lifetime warranty against breakage.

JTS Parts & Accessories
(866) 694-4190

West Coast Differentials
• Sierra Gear & Axle ring and pinion sets from West Coast Differentials.
• The company offers a huge inventory of OEM and aftermarket gear sets in a wide range of ratios for light duty trucks (up to 1 1/2 ton), Jeep, AMC, Suzuki, and Toyota.
• Stocks hard to find ratios for older vehicles.
• West Coast Differentials builds its own installation kits and use only the best parts.
• Installation kits include American-made Timken bearings (pinion and carrier bearings), a pinion seal, pinion shims, a pinion nut, a crush sleeve, gear marking compound and brush, Loctite, a gasket or silicone for the cover, and a complete instruction manual that explains step by step how to install a ring and pinion.
• Basic bearing kits are also offered for shops that already have shims and other miscellaneous items.
• A pinion kit for low mileage ratio changes is available, as is an Inner Parts Kit that includes spider gears, thrust washers, cross pin shaft, and bolt or roll pin.

West Coast Differentials
(800) 353-1513

Yukon Gear & Axle
• Grizzly Locker from Yukon Gear & Axle is a mechanical-locking differential.
• Positive locking units that feature a forged case and 8620 internals for added strength.
• Patent-pending design said to reduce common locker failures.
• Assembled in the U.S.A.
• Available for variety of applications, including Ford 9-inch in 28- and 31-spline, Chrysler and GM 11.5-inch, Dana 44, Toyota four-cylinder and V-6 axles, GM 14-bolt, and more coming soon.
• Designed to stand up to huge power and tall tires.
• Yukon also offers its new air-operated Zip Locker, chromoly axle shaft kits, drive flange kits, and ring and pinion gear sets, in addition to many other axle parts and accessories.

Yukon Gear & Axle
(888) 905-5044

Moser Engineering
• Moser one-piece Jeep axle kits for ’76-’86 Jeep CJs with the Model 20 rear end.
• Kits include forged, direct replacement, one-piece Jeep axles.
• Moser Jeep axle kits are forged and manufactured in the U.S.A.
• Kits come complete with studs installed and include Timken bearings, seals, and installation instructions.
• Axles are induction-hardened and manufactured from the same material as the Moser custom alloy axles.
• Kits are in stock and are available for immediate shipping.

Moser Engineering
(260) 726-6689

• New Dirty 30's from Trail-Gear are 30-spline Birfield/axle kits designed to replace the stock 27-spline axle shafts in Toyota 4x4s.
• Dirty 30 'shafts are 100 percent chromoly and are precision-polished to remove any imperfections that may cause stress risers.
• Dirty 30 ball bearings are made from ISO 3920 Grade 20 material and are precision ground to tight tolerances.
• Subjected to years of extensive in-house and field testing with impressive results.
• Available with a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty.

Trail-Gear, Inc.
(559) 252-4950

All-Pro Off-Road
• All-Pro Off-Road 30-spline chromoly Birfields.
• All-Pro Birfields come in a complete kit with 30-spline chromoly inner axles for a complete heavy-duty overhaul of the Toyota solid front axle.
• Provides significant strength improvements over the stock steel 27-spline units.
• All-Pro's chromoly 30-spline Birfields carry a no-questions-asked limited two-year warranty.
• Also available are 27-spline chromoly Birfields for those wanting to retain the OE arrangement.

All-Pro Off-Road
(951) 658-7077

RCV Performance Products
• Jeep TJ and JK CV axle kits made from aircraft-quality steel.
• Manufactured using the same successful technology that led to RCV’s Dana 60 CV.
• The internal components of the CV joint are protected by RCV Performance's patented Spherical Sealing Technology.
• CV joints are much smoother at full turn than a u-joint, with no knuckle bind.
• Minimal maintenance required and no C-clips or yoke ears to break off.
• Includes high-durometer urethane boots to protect against debris and water.
• Hybrid axle lengths and spline configurations are available.
• Available for Jeep Wrangler TJ and JK Dana 30 and Dana 44 front axles.
• Includes RCV's "You break it and we'll replace it" warranty.

RCV Performance Products
(815) 877-7473 ext. 307

CTM Racing
• CTM U-joints are made to last even under the most extreme terrain.
• Custom-designed with greaseable caps, which make maintaining the integrity of the U-joint a breeze.
• U-joints are rebuildable; as long as the cross and caps are intact, the seals, bushings, and clips can be replaced indefinitely.
• The CTM U-joints secure in axle yokes using full circle C-clips so high-quality alloy axle shafts are required for installation.
• CTM U-joints are available in sizes to fit Dana 30, 44, and 60.
• New "45" joint now available.
• The "45" joint is bigger, stronger, and built for the 2007-and-up Jeep JK Rubicon models equipped with the new-style 44 front axle.

CTM Racing
(760) 450-0006

Warn Industries
• Warn premium hubs feature an all-metal construction a ZA Alloy dial to ensure years of reliable service.
• The dial requires a full 9/10ths of a turn to ensure positive engagement of the inner drive gear to the clutch ring.
• To ensure positive engagement the hubs use a thick internal wave spring and heavy dial detents.
• Built to last all Warn hubs are covered by a lifetime limited warranty.
• Dual seals on the ZA Alloy dial keep out contaminants.
• Warn hubs are easily serviceable as needed.
• Warn premium hubs are available for a variety of applications. Warn standard hubs are also offered.

(800) 543-9276

Mile Marker
• Milemarker Jeep manual hub conversion kit.
• Available for Jeep XJ, YJ, and TJ vehicles.
• Milemarker's manual hub conversion kit offers ease of maintenance, a much smoother ride, better steering control, greater fuel economy, and longer axle and driveshaft life.
• Replaces the unit-bearing-style hub on Cherokees and Wranglers with a manual locking hub.
• With ability to unlock the hubs manually front axle wear is greatly diminished.

Mile Marker
(800) 886-8647

• Pro Series 60 Knuckle for custom axle applications.
• All components are CNC-manufactured out of domestic grade 4130 chromoly steel.
• Use of 7/8-inch spherical bearings and 7/8-inch Spider Bolts make this hardware assembly both easy to install and virtually indestructible.
• An OEM-style Dana 60 knuckle can turn only 38 degrees. The Pro Series 60 Knuckle can turn all the way to 50 degrees.
• An entire Pro Series 60 Knuckle, complete with inner knuckle, outer knuckle, and all hardware needed for the assembly, weighs less than 33 lbs. This is roughly two times lighter then OEM-style 60 knuckles, making it by far the lightest knuckle in its class.
• The entire bearing assembly consists of nothing more than a Spider Bolt, shim washer, spherical bearing, shoulder washer, and type-C nut.

(800) 286-0898

Trail Tough
• Suzuki Samurai axle gear change package.
• Ready to bolt-in gear change package for the Suzuki Samurai vehicles.
• Kit includes either 4.62:1 or 5.12:1 Sidekick ring and pinion gears set up and installed in a Samurai front 3rd member, a matching Sidekick rear 3rd member with drilled flanges for the Samurai drive line, and Trail Tough's Hybrid Rear Axle housing.
• Shock mounts, diff caps, SPOA perches, spools, and lockers, are not included but can be purchased separately and installed at no extra charge.
• Trail Tough's 4340 chromoly 26-spline replacement rear axle shafts are also available.

Trail Tough
(877) SUZUKIS (789-8547)

Alloy USA
• New 4140 Chromoly 27-Spline Dana 35 rear axle kit for '90-'06 Jeep Wranglers and Cherokees with the Dana 35 rear axle.
• Axle shafts are manufactured from high-tensile strength 4140 Chromoly that is heat-treated twice and induction hardened.
• Axle shafts are then precision CNC-machined and magnaflux-inspected for cracks before receiving a slick black anodized finish.
• Alloy USA axle shafts are said to be up to 35-percent stronger than stock 1040 axles.
• Each axle shaft is backed by Alloy USA’s exclusive ten-year warranty.
• Axle shaft kits include everything you need to complete the job, including both passenger and driver side axle shafts, seals, bearings, and wheel studs.
• Alloy USA is exclusively distributed by OMIX-ADA, Inc.

Alloy USA
(770) 614-6101

Motive Gear
• Motive Gear and Motive Gear Performance develop and supply high-performance and replacement ring and pinion gear sets.
• A wide variety of applications are available.
• Quality control technicians are always up to date on the latest's innovations to ensure that the quality of Motive Gear products is unsurpassed.

Motive Gear
(800) 934-2727

G2 Axle & Gear
• New full spool from G2 Axle & Gear.
• Provides the greatest traction by locking the axle shafts together to eliminate differentiation.
• The spool is machined from heavy-duty 4140 billet and is heat treated.
• Available for most popular applications and spline configurations, including Dana 44, Dana 60, Ford 8.8-inch and 9-inch, GM 10-bolt and 12-bolt, and Toyota 8-inch axles.

G2 Axle & Gear
(877) 852-7720

Poly Performance
• Heavy-duty replacement front axle housing for Jeep Wrangler JKs.
• Uses 3-inch-diameter x 0.250-inch-wall chromoly axle tubes.
• Features all-new, heavy-duty mounting brackets for the track bar, lower control arms, and lower shock mounts.
• Housing also includes a truss and inner-C gussets.
• The pinion is rotated up 8 degrees to correct the front driveshaft angle and eliminate vibrations.
• Shock mounts are relocated outward for shock-to-frame clearance under extreme articulation.
• The heavy-duty track bar bracket allows the stock track bar location to be used or positioned three inches higher for using a flipped draglink.
• Offered as a do-it-yourself kit with laser-cut DOM tube to lay over the stock tubes or with in-house re-tube service using chromoly tubing.
• In-house re-tube service includes pinion rotation.
• Do-it-yourself kit includes laser-cut DOM axle tubes, brackets, and detailed instructions.

Poly Performance
(805) 783-2060

Axle Tech International
• AxleTech's portal conversion is the only system to feature a four gear arrangement, which eliminates the need for reverse-rotation gearing in the differential carrier.
• The portal conversion is available for the Dana 60 axle with other popular axle applications to follow.
• Creates 4.9 inches lift for improved ground clearance.
• Features a 1.5:1 reduction ratio for increased wheel torque without increased stress on the ring and pinion.
• Uses heavy-duty vented rotors with Wilwood four-piston calipers.
• Features a ductile iron case for high yield strength and toughness.
• Uses 2-inch-diameter, 41-spline output shafts and 1.5-inch-diameter, 35 spline input shafts.
• Gears are 2.25 inches wide for maximum torque capacity and life.
• The modular design of the kit allows the attachment knuckle to be removed and replaced for use with different axle housings.
• Drive/steer units use standard Dana 60 U-joint.
• Available in two-wheel steer or four-wheel steer configurations.

Axle Tech International
(877) 877-9717

TEN Factory Axles
• TEN Factory Axles offers a complete line of high-performance axle shafts.
• Chromoly front and rear axle shafts and complete axle kits are available.
• Axle shaft kits are offered for both stock and higher spline-count applications.
• TEN Factory axles are backed by a full 10 year warranty.

TEN Factory
(800) 934-2727

• New yoke conversion kits for '76-'02 Jeep Wrangler and CJ vehicles.
• Allows conversion from older, strap-style yoke to the newer and stronger U-bolt design.
• U-bolt design also makes U-joint changes much easier.
• The kit includes a new yoke, pinion nut, pinion spacer, pinion seal, U-joint, and U-bolts.
• Spicer U-joints are used in all Omix-ADA yoke conversion kits.

(770) 614-6101

SpynTec Industries LLC
• SpynTec Industries has expanded its Solid Axle Industries heavy-duty axle parts lineup.
• SpynTec hub conversions are available for Dodge, Ford, Chevy 14-bolt, and Jeep Wrangler JK applications.
• SpynTec kits reduce the wear and tear to your driveline by allowing for the front hubs to be unlocked.
• Features forged hubs and spindle with integral ABS sensor mount.
• The SpynTec kit for the Wrangler JK changes the wheel bolt pattern to 5x5.5.
• SpynTec conversion kits fully seal the ABS sensor and tone ring from contaminates.
• The Solid Axle and SpynTec line up also features complete axle assemblies, sub-assemblies and housings, front and rear full-float kits, kingpin and ball joint components, knuckles and inner-Cs, drive flange kits, bracket kits, brake kits, and many other axle components.

SpynTec Industries LLC
(888) 290-AXLE

• Rockcrusher manufactures complete axle assemblies for any application, including Dana 44, Dana 60, and Ford 9-inch; custom services also available.
• Rockcrusher performance axle housings are purpose built for extreme abuse.
• Bare housings, sub-assemblies, and complete assemblies are available.
• Rockcrusher also manufactures drive flange kits, steering knuckles and arms, spindles and bearing ends, and many other axle components.

(234) 567-4706
• Heavy-duty Dana 44 axle assemblies for Jeep TJs.
• Uses 30- or 33-spline Superior chromoly axle shafts.
• Choice of gear ratio, traction-aiding differential, and diff cover.
• Selection of 1310, 1330, or 1350 pinion yokes.
• Features new complete disc brake system or can accept stock brake setup.
• Front and rear axle applications are available at competitive prices.
(800) 954-0065

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