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April 2010 Long Term Updates

Posted in How To on April 1, 2010
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Painless Throttle Body
We don't do much Jeep tech, but we sure do like that 4.0L engine found under lots of Jeeps' hoods from the late '80s and until just a few years ago. The only problem with that torquey little bastard is the fuel consumption. Therefore, almost any engine mod most guys want to do not only adds power but also improves efficiency. But a lot of parts only give about half of what the writing on the outside of the box promises. We've been told by our reputable tester that this little Painless throttle body gave him an honest 2-mpg improvement after we installed it on his '98 Wrangler 4x4. He also noted that throttle response seemed to improve as well.

Nitrogen Refill Kit
Powertank's nitrogen refill kit really has turned out to be a great little kit to have at home. Since we're constantly messing with trucks, we find the need to deflate and the recharge shocks an almost weekly ordeal. With a little bigger tank, we could go longer without having to have our nitrogen tank refilled, but it just wouldn't be as easy to carry or transport in a truck. All the adapters and couplers of Powertank's kit are holding up just fine and haven't developed any leaks.

Jounce Shocks After 8 months of mixed use on the street and off-road, the Light Racing Jounce Shocks we put on a 4Runner are continuing to deliver. In normal driving they are unnoticeable, but in rough terrain they eliminate harsh bottoming and allow us to traverse whoops at higher speeds than previously possible. The soft rubber strike pads have begun to wear, but replacements are readily available from Light Racing and are easy to install.

General Grabber Race Tire We had hoped these 37-inch Genreral Grabber Competitions wouldn't disappoint at high speeds over dirt roads since that's what they're made for. And luckily for General, they didn't (or we would have let you know about it). The tires actually did hold up pretty well through some rough terrain that we've seen shred lesser tires. There is barely any siping in the tread, but lots of tread void in the tire; this leads to marginal wet weather capabilities on pavement. But then again, we wouldn't have any idea about that since these tires are not DOT approved. These tires are purpose-built for desert racing and really shine on hard-pack dirt. But they worked well in the sand too. Their bulbous carcass managed to bulge well enough to roll around on the sand with ease, and the tread did not dig too much into the sand. Recently, we got a chance to try them in rocks too, and though they weren't as grippy a Super Swamper, they actually did all right. It's nice to know we can run these tires over a variety of terrains.

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