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Front Suspension

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17. The front suspension works really well. It flexes well, and the arms are just long enough to give a smooth ride and unbinding travel, while not so long that they get hung up on rocks. I'm really glad I ordered the chrome bodies for the front Fox coilovers, as they resist corrosion and are much easier to keep clean. The Off Road Evolution crew would also like me to point out that I specifically asked for the sway bar links to be angled as they are, and that it be known that they do not like the way I wanted this set up. Their reasoning is that the sway bar's rate does not work properly when the links are angled. But I had some method in my planning and a lot of luck. The 1.25-inch Speedway sway bar I got was too stuff for this truck, but not when the rate was diminished with the links sitting sideways. No, I did no special math to figure this out, and instead just got really lucky as it seems to work great on the street and in the dirt.