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ARP Fasteners And Ultra Torque Assembly Lubricant - No Lemonheaders

Assembly Lubricant And Fasteners
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted June 1, 2010

Header Bolts That Won't Come Loose!

How many of you have ever had headers before? Now, how many of you have had headers leak? Are most headers made just lemons, or is there another reason so many leak?

To date, there might only be a few pairs of headers among the entire staff of this magazine that haven't exhibited some sort of exhaust leaking and clicking issue. And it's most often due to bolts that don't stay tight thanks to vibration and heat (expansion and contraction).

We called the crew at ARP to tell them about our gripe, and they simply said, "Not to worry. The solution would be there in the mail shortly." A few days later, we got a package containing a package of 14 ARP fasteners and its Ultra Torque assembly lubricant.


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