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Transfer Case Parts Guide - Improving 4x4 Capabilities

Transfer Case
Christian Lee | Writer
Posted July 1, 2010

The Lowdown On The Low

The stock transfer case in your 4x4 will only get you so far. For many this will be acceptable, yet most others will be left wanting. As big tires and increased horsepower come in to play low transfer case gears and heavier-duty output shafts become a necessity. Purpose-built units and dual transfer case setups further improve 4x4 capabilities beyond the imaginable.

Pro Comp
In addition to its vast suspension line up, Pro Comp offers its slip yoke eliminator (SYE) kit and CV driveshaft for all NP231-eqiuipped Jeep YJs and TJs. The kit also fits Cherokee XJs with manual transmissions. SYE and CV driveshaft are sold separately.

• Shortens the T-case rear output allowing you to run a 4-inch-longer CV-style drive shaft
• SYE and CV driveshaft combine to help eliminate driveline vibration
• Improves driveline angles
• New main shaft is nearly 20-percent larger than factory shaft and will take the added torque of high horsepower and larger tires

For more information, contact:
Pro Comp
(800) 776-0767

Rubicon Express
The Rubicon Express Jeep Wrangler JK transfer case rear flange adapter allows installation of a rear 1310 series CV driveshaft, a much stronger option than the factory driveshaft. Rubicon Express also offers a front output flange for the JK to adapt the front driveshaft to a 1310 series CV driveshaft, as well as ready to bolt in front and rear CV driveshafts.

• Adapts the JK 8-bolt CV flange to a 4-bolt 1310 series CV flange
• Requires use of a CV rear driveshaft
• Hardware included

For more information, contact:
Rubicon Express>
(877) 493-8697

Stak 4x4
Stak 4x4 offers its Monster B-Box three-speed and Monster Box two-speed transfer cases as replacement units for any 4x4. Customers can choose from a variety of low range ratios, right- or left-hand front outputs, and an optional parking brake affixed to the rear output flange. The B-Box three-speed includes a triple stick shifter and the Monster Box two-speed includes a universal or Jeep TJ-specific twin-stick.

• Thick-wall, heat-treated, 356 aluminum machined case
• Internals manufactured from heat-treated 8620 gear steel
• Includes heavy-duty 32-spline output shafts

For more information, contact:
Stak 4x4
(915) 584-2400

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