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Sas Kit

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4. The Fabworx solid axle swap (SAS) kit is made for '88-to'98 half-ton trucks, Suburbans, Tahoes, Yukons, and Blazers. The brackets are made from 1/4-inch steel and are CNC formed before being MIG-welded together. The front hanger incorporates a crossmember that gives rigidity to the front end after the IFS equipment is cut off. Fabworx offers two kits: A kit for a 36-inch spring perch-to-spring perch width or a 32-inch perch-width kit. The 32-inch width kit does not need the offset shackle that the 36-inch width kit does, but the '78-to-'79 Ford axles that have this width are not nearly as common as the later Ford Dana 60 36-inch perch-width axles. Since we used a 1990 Ford Dana 60 axle, we used the 36-inch width kit.