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Ford Dana 60 Front Axle

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22. We got a used Ford Dana 60 front axle for $750, which is about half what they were going for a couple years ago when the economy was better. We also picked up an eight-lug 3/4-ton 14-Bolt rear end for $200. We could have modified our front axle with an aftermarket 6-lug hub kit and kept the stock rear 10-Bolt, but that would have left us with a weak C-clip rear end and would have cost more than the $950 we dropped on the two used axles. Billy helped our friend Mike sand, clean, paint, and prepare the axles to be laid under the truck. By the way, make sure you start with a 3/4-ton single-rear-wheel 14-Bolt rear end so that the spring perches match up to your rear half-ton factory setup.