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Powermaster Alternator Install - A Superior Alternative

Posted in How To on July 1, 2010 Comment (0)
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An alternator is one of those pieces of automotive equipment that gets taken for granted. It doesn't roar when you step on the gas, you can't see it with the hood shut, it doesn't make any noise, but it spins tirelessly doing its job of keeping your electrical system at full power without any maintenance or care.

In fact, the only time you'll even think about your alternator is when it goes bad or doesn't live up to the electrical strain you're trying to put it under. Winches, extra lights, big stereos, and in-vehicle blenders can all zap a lot of power and leave the potential for underpowering your battery and even burning out your alternator if your electrical demands are too big.

This is where the masters at Powermaster come in. They realize that once you bolt on your alternator, you'll likely never touch it again until it breaks. That's why they are built to stand up against the worst elements - dirt, mud, water, and heat - while continuing to satisfy the amperage demands necessary for your modified electrical systems.

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