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Poly Performance Grab Handles - Web Exclusive

Handles Installed
David Hamilton | Writer
Posted August 20, 2010

Hold On!

Climb into any lifted Jeep JK these days and you'll quickly notice that it's a chore to jump into the front seats without the help of a grab handle. Sure, there's a factory grab handle, located above the glovebox on the passenger side, but that doesn't help much. The only thing the driver has to hold onto while entering the jeep is the steering wheel.

As soon as we lifted our 2-door Jeep JK, the first thing we searched for, was a set of quality grab handles. During the last few years, we've used a set of nylon aftermarket grab handles with rubber grip that straps onto the factory sport cage, but we were longing for something a little more secure and stable.

Poly Performance has introduced a trick set of front and rear grab handles, that fit the '07 to present Jeep Wrangler JK. The grab handles install in less than two hours and do not require any special tools or welding. The 1.00" by .083" DOM tubing is strong and comes with a powder coat finish. Follow along as we install Poly Performances Jeep JK grab handles, made in the USA.


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