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Flowmaster Exhaust On A Dodge Ram 1500 - Giving 'Em The Pipes

Exhaust Kit
Lindsay Valance | Writer
Posted August 1, 2010

A Hemi Is Mated To A Flowmaster Exhaust...What's More American Than That?

A lot of us here at OFF-ROAD first started driving in the early '90s, a time when most half-ton trucks weren't available with much more than 230 hp (and got terrible fuel economy). Today, numbers like that seem like some kind of bad joke, and those anemic engines of the '90s have been replaced with high-tech powerplants that can reach (in stock form) more than 400 horses. One of the most important engines introduced during this transitional period is the 5.7L Dodge Hemi, available in half-ton trucks for the first time in 2004. This 345 hp engine pushed the envelope when it came to midsize V-8s, and forced both Chevy and Ford to scramble in order to boost the power in their offerings. The Hemi sounded pretty aggressive from the factory, and in many cases, custom exhaust options ended up being way too loud for many enthusiasts. Flowmaster has been producing a throaty exhaust kit that has proved quite popular...but it's a little loud for our tastes. Recently, however, we noticed Flowmaster has manufactured another kit with a more 'moderate' sound volume. We were curious to see how it would sound, so we mated one up to a pal's Ram and listened up.

The American Thunder DRS kit from Flowmaster is an alternative to their DOSS (Dual Out Same Side) kit, and is advertised on its website as being a bit quieter, while still retaining a healthy rumble. The aluminized-steel pipes are mandrel bent, carry a three-year warranty, and Flowmaster tells us that the kit should free up 5 to 10 percent more engine power than the stock exhaust permits. We ordered our kit online from Auto Anything, and were pleasantly surprised when the kit showed up at our doorstep just a few days later, ready to be installed. We popped the thing on our test Ram 1500 and then got heavy on the gas pedal. Check the photos and captions for the results and our thoughts.


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