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Trail Armor Guide - The Trail Protection Collection

Jeep 4x4
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted September 1, 2010

Essentials For Those Who Don't Like Rock Rash

The only way to keep your rig in perfect condition is to never use it. Since that's a lame option, your best bet is to protect the vulnerable spots one way or another. Scratches are a part of off-roading. Dents don't have to be.

The advantages of protecting your trail rig from damage don't end at aesthetics. Bashed-in rocker panels usually mean your doors won't open and close very well. Smashed headlights and taillights can get you pulled over or, worse, in a traffic accident. Dented differential covers can prevent the ring gear from spinning freely. When it comes to trail protection, function goes hand-in-glove with form.

There's no pretense here. This is not a be-all, end-all guide to trail armor. Instead, it's a snapshot of some of what the off-road industry has to offer. For additional products, stay tuned to our monthly 4xProducts column, individual tech articles, and future roundup stories like this one.

Crane Hi Clearance
Crane Hi Clearance builds some of the gnarliest diff covers in existence. If "gnarly" doesn't sit well with you, then "burly" or "bomb-proof" might also be fitting descriptions.
• Made from 4130 chromoly steel. CNC machined sealing surfaces keep gear oil inside where it belongs
• Lifetime warranty against breakage. If you break it and send it to Crane, they'll send you a new one

For more information, contact:
Crane Hi Clearance
(303) 917-4851

Aberle Off-Road
Heavy-gauge steel is still a favorite for bumpers and body protection, but Aberle Off-Road has us throwing light, strong, rust-free aluminum into the mix, too.
• Front bumpers weigh in around 70 pounds, rear bumpers with tire carriers tip the scales around 120
• Naturally rust-free, these bumpers are made from cast aluminum, which eliminates potential weak spots and warping that can accompany bumpers welded from multiple pieces

For more information, contact:
Aberle Off-Road

Here's another entry into the aluminum bumper world. Aluminess bumpers are powdercoated for long-lasting good looks and are naturally lightweight and rust-free.
• Front bumpers have D-ring attachment points, a winch mount, and built-in light mounts. Rear bumpers have a locking storage compartment and optional swing-away carriers for spare tires, fuel cans, etc.
• Models available for Toyota Tacoma, Toyota FJ Cruiser, and several fullsize trucks

For more information, contact:
(619) 449-9930

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