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New Dodge Steering Gear For The '94-to-'01 Dodge Ram 4x4

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Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted September 1, 2010

Finally, A Solution For '94-To-'01 Dodges

If you're an owner of a '94-to-'01 Dodge Ram 4x4, then you're probably familiar with the steering woes that can accompany this otherwise likeable truck. Not only did the track bars cause steering and vibration issues, steering linkage and steering shafts were prone to premature wear as well. If you solved all of these issues with aftermarket components like many owners did, you still had a worn-out steering box that was no longer produced by Delphi.

Even worse, some of the inner components were discontinued, too. "Rebuilt" Dodge steering boxes still had worn-out worm gears that gave a lot of play (sometimes a quarter-turn's worth) between the steering wheel and the sector shaft. The play in the 'wheel was just something Dodge owners have had to live with. But not anymore.

PSC Motorsports has been working hard to figure out the same issue for its own Dodge trucks, and after a lot of effort it has been able to start producing all new internal components to load into the Delphi cases. What's more is that PSC has taken the extra step to prevent premature failure at the sector shaft and now offers a sector shaft stabilizer bracket as an option with the new Dodge steering gear.

If you're a '94-to-'01 Dodge owner, we recommend giving PSC a call-we did, and our project truck, Jinxy, hasn't steered this nicely since it was new.


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