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Steering Systems - Go Where You're Pointed

Basic Measurements
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted October 1, 2010
Photographers: Courtesy of Howe Performance

Steering Tech And Parts Sources

Aside from braking systems, there's nothing else that's more important than steering on your rig. Loss of steering control is annoying and inconvenient at the least and tragic and fatal at the worst. Did we mention that steering is important?

Stock steering systems are engineered for stock tires and stock suspensions, two things that usually go out the window when an off-road enthusiast gets a hold of a blank vehicular canvas. Whether your stock steering system will work properly with your modifications depends on several factors, which we'll address in this story. More than likely, you'll need to modify your steering system to match the other things you've changed.

What qualities make a safe steering system for a modified vehicle? To answer this question, we took a mini-tour to consult some experts.

Currie Enterprises was our first stop. Currie has been modifying Jeeps, trucks, and everything in between for decades. Five decades to be exact. Pitman arms, ball joints, track bars, drag links, and "death wobble" were subjects we discussed.

Howe Performance was next. Jeff Howe and crew have been rebuilding and modifying steering systems since 1984. You can find Howe steering products on a vast majority of the Baja racing field, and Howe steering systems and components are also a common sight on the backcountry trails. At Howe Performance, we had the chance to see what's inside a steering box and what's involved in a ram-assisted steering system.

Autofab is another longtime contender in the off-road world. John Ehmke launched Autofab in 1977, specializing in Ford trucks. John has also applied his expertise to fullsize Chevy trucks and SUVs and has some parts in his arsenal that no trail-going Chevy should be without.

Read on to learn more. If you can't go where you're pointed, you might as well stay home.


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Currie Enterprises
Santee, CA 92071
Howe Performance
Lakeside, CA 92040
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