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Hydraulic Ram-Assist Steering Kit - Adding Safety And Power To Steering

Posted in How To on October 1, 2010
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A few months back, our Super Duty took quite a scary turn for the worst when the sector shaft snapped completely in half, leaving our truck with absolutely no steering input from the driver. We count our lucky stars that this happened at very low speeds and in the dirt, but it could have just as easily happened somewhere and sometime much worse. The sector shaft showed signs of rust at least halfway through the core of the shaft-meaning that the sector shaft had been cracked and ready to snap for some time.

With 40-inch tires and a giant crew cab body and frame, our truck's steering box couldn't just be replaced; we had to upgrade or we'd just be looking at the same problems down the road. Off Road Unlimited had our solution in the form of a ram-assist steering kit for our Super Duty truck. Hydraulic ram-assisted steering uses steering pump-pressurized fluid to move the ram's shaft either in or out (turning the wheels left or right) in conjunction with the steering box. Not only does this system give much more power to turn heavy tires (with wide contact patches) at a dead standstill, it also significantly decreases the amount of leverage placed on the steering box's sector shaft.

We headed down to McComas Auto Body in San Jacinto, California, to install our box in under a day. You might remember Mike McComas as the mastermind behind the Bob's Big Boy Ramcharger featured in our May 2010 issue. Mike and his crew were kind enough to help us install the Off Road Unlimited hydraulic ram steering assist kit to our downed truck.

Once the steering assist kit was on, not only was our steering system much stronger and safer, it was amazing how easily we were able to turn our tires at a dead standstill.

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Off Road Unlimited (Burbank)
Burbank, CA 92504
McComas Auto Body Inc.
San Jacinto, CA 92583

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