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Leveling Kit Installed On A Toyota FJ Cruiser - Upping The Ante

Posted in How To on November 1, 2010
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Photographers: Nick Stevens

There are a number of options for getting bigger tires on trucks. You can level your truck, lift your truck, or even enlarge the wheelwells for a bigger tire. The owner of this new FJ Cruiser wanted a bigger tire, but didn't want to lose his factory warranty, nor did he want to spend a ton of money since he just blew a wad of cash buying this 4x4. Therefore, suspension lifts were out (because of the warranty voidance), and expensive replacement remote reservoir coilovers were too pricey of an option. A spacer leveling kit seemed like the perfect plan since this owner was only looking at a slightly bigger (32-inch) tire.

But not all spacer kits are the same. Nor are spacer kits a good idea on every vehicle. Certain applications are thrown too out of whack by adding spacers into the suspensions. Independent suspension vehicles are usually the only vehicles you have to worry about (with spacers). If the spacers are too tall, ball joints wear more quickly, shocks can bottom out, and the ride will be too rough.

What's more, one company can make an acceptable spacer for a specific vehicle while another company can make something totally wrong for that same vehicle. Be sure to do your homework before adding spacers to your ride.

We did our research through some older magazines and online articles to find that the Comfort Ride leveling kit from Daystar was the best option for this FJ Cruiser. Not only were the spacers made out of urethane (which absorbs vibrations and harsh hits better than metal), but they weren't too tall and didn't rotate our stock front struts (radially) when adding the spacers to our suspension.

We followed the owner of this FJ over to Brakes Plus-a local shop near his house-to get these spacers professionally installed in a couple hours.

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