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Trailmaster 2-Inch Coil Spacer Kit Install - Adding Inches And More Capability To A TJ

Coil Spacer Kit
F.G. Lands | Writer
Posted November 1, 2010
Photographers: F. G. Lands

Spacers And Shocks In An Hour

There are a lot of off-roaders out there who are perfectly content with factory suspensions. And there is a lot to be said for keeping one's vehicle stock-parts are easy to get, they're cheap, and many stock 4x4s can still off-road pretty well. But many times a slightly larger tire will help when off-road, and an inch or two taller suspension would allow that to happen.

That's why Trailmaster has its coil spring spacer kit with SSV shocks ready for many different applications. One we like in particular is the TJ 2-inch kit. The kit comes with four coil spacers, four bumpstop extensions, and four SSV shocks. It took us about an hour to install everything, and the results were more than pleasing.


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