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Surefire E2L AA Outdoorsman LED Flashlight - Illumination And Innovation

Posted in How To on December 1, 2010
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Photographers: Courtesy of the Manufacturer

There's no more helpless a feeling than being broken down at night on the side of the freeway or in the dirt. You could always have a friend shine his vehicle's headlights at your hood or flat tire, but what if you're out 'wheeling or cruising alone? You'll be groping blindingly in the dark, trying to revive your rig.

That's why we always have at least one reliable flashlight in each of our vehicles. The recently released SureFire E2L AA Outdoorsman is one such LED torch we are eager to add to our illumination arsenal.

While the Outdoorsman line has long been impressive, this particular addition is noteworthy because it's the first time SureFire has designed a flashlight for AA alkaline batteries. For almost two decades SureFire was the only flashlight maker to use lithium 123A batteries, which the company said was the only sufficient compact power source to fuel its high-output incandescent lamps. Though alkalines are not as powerful as lithiums, they are more common, which is partly why SureFire made the switch. Plus, SureFire promises the E2L AA will still stand up to its standards - and we agree.

This flashlight is high quality and, most importantly, is plenty bright. But don't take our word for it. Check it out for yourself.

SureFire E2L AA Outdoorsman

Length: 6.6 in
Weight: 4.9 oz
Retail Price: $159

Light Bright
• Maximum output: an intense 80 lumens.
• Low output: 3 lumens for longer battery life.
• Runtime: 60 hours on low and 9 hours on high.
• LENS: Its Total Internal Reflection lens shapes the LED light into a strong, far-reaching beam with enough peripheral light.

Hot Body
• Military grade: The hard-anodized, aerospace-aluminum body is extremely durable and keeps out moisture and dust.
• Light weight: It's only 4.9 ounces.
• Carry on: The pocket clip makes it convenient to carry on the trail or in the garage.

• Click it: The tailcap button makes it easy to turn on/off the LED with one hand.
• Dual-output: Click the tailcap button for low light. Click it again for peak light. It's that easy.


Fountain Valley, CA 92708

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