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General Grabber Tires - Born From Competition

Posted in How To on January 1, 2011
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A couple of years ago, a new tire started showing up on off-road race trucks. The General Grabber commenced to win, and win big, in the dirt. Now available in a DOT-approved street-and-trail version, the born-from-competition General Grabber is a stunning new entry into our market.

General drew heavily from its racing experience when designing the Grabber. It has tough, heavy-duty DuraGen three-ply sidewalls that give confidence when you're beating your tires in the desert or mountains. Multi-angled sidewall protectors also help to guard the sidewall.

The tread looks like it's a cross between an all-terrain and mud-terrain design. General's AMST (Acoustic Modulation Sound Technology) ensures the tire is relatively quiet on the highway and its Reactive Contour Technology delivers even tread wear throughout the life of the tire. General patented its Strake and Chamfer tread pattern. Sweeping strake grooves open lug faces to terrain while the chamfered lug corners expose adjacent lugs to create traction pockets. This sounds like marketing-speak, but it isn't. The new General Grabbers work. They work on the street and in the dirt, rocks, sand, mud, etc.

The load range E, 35-inch General Grabbers we tested weighed in at 78.6 pounds each on Impulse Off-Road's digital scale. While this is lighter than some other tire brands, the General Grabber is not a lightweight tire. Weight is strength, though, and we won't worry running the Grabbers in the harshest environments.

As mentioned, these tires worked well everywhere we tried them. We mounted a set of 35x12.50R17LT General Grabbers on 17x8 Walker Evans racing beadlocks and didn't balance them. We didn't need to. The tires didn't bounce, wobble, or shake up to 85 mph on the pavement!

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