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Wheel & Tire Informational Guide - Rolling Stock

Interco IROK Bias Ply
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted January 1, 2011
Photographers: Kevin Hawkins, 4WD & SU Staff, BFG Tires, Team Locos Mocos, OMF Performance

A Closer Look At Wheels And Tires

Back in the day, wheel and tire choices were limited. As time has progressed and vehicles have evolved, wheel and tire choices have more than kept the pace. A collage of options awaits the buyer. Do you need radial- or bias-ply tires? Are steel wheels better than aluminum? Is wheel offset the same as backspacing?

To make sense of the madness, we've put together a series of informational vignettes to make better sense of rolling stock.

Tires: Radial Or Bias Ply?
Two of the most popular tires for hardcore trail-riding and rock-crawling are the Interco IROK, a bias-ply tire, and the BFGoodrich Krawler, a radial-ply tire (or called simply a radial). The external differences are obvious, but there's more than meets the eye. Let's take a look at the internal construction of radial- and bias-ply tires.

Tire Tools For The Trail
Tire trouble strikes every off-roader. The minimum you should carry is a fullsize spare tire, a lug wrench, and a jack.

Steel Or Aluminum?
What's better? Like radial- and bias-ply tires, each type of wheel has advantages and drawbacks. Ultimately the answer isn't which is better. It's which is better for you.

How To Measure A Wheel
Are backspacing and offset the same thing? How do you measure rim width? What do you call the different contours of a wheel? What determines caliper clearance? We've got the answers.


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