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Bestop Powerboards Install - Stepping Out

Bestop Powerboard Kit
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted January 1, 2011

Doing What No Other Running Board Can

Did you know that running boards are the no. 1 aftermarket truck and SUV product sold in North America? Yeah, it surprised us, too. Most off-roaders look at running boards or steps as the first thing that gets destroyed when off the highway, and they're often the first pieces of a 4x4 that get taken to the scrap yard. But none of us can deny the fact that they do make entering and exiting a vehicle a much easier task, and the reality is that most truck and SUV owners are not off-roaders.

This is why retracting steps like the Bestop Powerboards are such a huge success and sought after by every off-roader with a daily-driven vehicle. They're made for most fullsize trucks and SUVs made in the 21st century, and we think they'd sell to even old cheap truck owners if the Powerboards were made available for them. With a price tag around $1,100, the Powerboards are a bigger investment than standard running boards or steps, but it's a purchase that is never regretted once installed. The steps tuck up cleanly when retracted and make the difficult task of entering and exiting a lifted vehicle much easier for people of all heights.


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