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Full Traction Suspension - Smoothing Out The Ride

Front Coilover Kit
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted January 1, 2011

Addressing Our Super Duty's Suspension

There has really never been a love/hate relationship at OFF-ROAD magazine like the one between the staff and our Super Duty, the STD (the Super Turd Diesel).

It's a first generation 6.0L truck that has seen enough problems to be lemon-lawed, but we look at every one of those problems as opportunities to learn more and get some cool articles. Of course, we've had to basically replace or rebuild almost every component on this truck, but we're really starting to get somewhere.

If you've been a loyal reader over the better part of the last decade, you might remember how many tires, wheels, seats, tuners, gears, turbochargers, driveshafts, bumpers, and suspensions have been on this truck. In all that time, there have been a few things pulled off this truck that we would like to have seen stay on. One in particular happened to be the Full Traction coilover conversion and King shocks that were put on this truck back in 2006. The kit was ideal for the way this truck is used, and after many years and many kits, we've (again) gotten a Full Traction kit to outfit our Super Duty and get it closer to our goal of a finished and superior Super Duty that would make any 2010 truck owner jealous.


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King Shocks
Garden Grove, CA 92840
Full-Traction Suspension
Bakersfield , CA 93313
Link Motorsports
El Segundo, CA 90245
South Bay Truck and 4x4
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