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Inside The Guts Of A King Bypass Shock

Posted in How To on January 1, 2011 Comment (0)
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1 Top Cap
2 Top Cap O-Ring
3 Shock Cylinder
4 Top Cap Spherical Bearing Setup
5 Main Seal C-Clip
6 Wiper Seal Parts
7 Valve Shims
8 Piston
9 Piston Wear Band
10 Piston O-Ring
11 Base Washer
12 Shaft Spacer
13 Shaft Guide
14 Main Seal Retainer
15 Main Seal
16 Seal Cap
17 Shock Shaft
18 Bypass Adjusting Screw X3
19 Bypass Adjusting Nut (Blue X2 Compression, Red X1 Rebound)
20 Bypass Valve X3
21 Bypass Spring X3
22 Bypass Valve Setup X3
23 Rod End Spherical Bearing Setup
24 Rod End
25 Bumper Plate
26 Remote Reservoir Air End Cap
27 Reservior Cylinder
28 Reservoir Piston
29 Remote Reservoir Oil End Cap
30 Schrader Valve
31 Schrader Valve Cap
32 Wiper Cap
33 Rubber Bump


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