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Long-Term Updates - February 2011

Posted in How To on February 1, 2011
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Rancho Pro Series Shocks
We've had six Rancho pro series on our fullsize Cherokee, Matilda, for close to a year now. The truck does not get driven every day, but we do put more miles on it than you'd think. The Rancho remote reservoir Pro Series shocks seem to be working out really well for us. We don't bomb this truck faster than 40 mph through the dirt, but at those speeds and at low speeds on the trail, these shocks have felt comfortable. We don't think we'd try racing on these shocks, but they seem to be a great choice for a daily driver or a weekend warior.

Banks Intercooler
Back in the July 2008 issue, we installed a Banks intercooler into our blue Dodge 2500 project truck. The intercooler came with new boost tubes and the necessary clamps and couplers to get the intercooler installed. Since then, we've put about 20,000 miles on the truck...and we'd completely forgotten about it. And we mean that as a compliment. There have been absolutely zero issues since the install, and the slightly larger intercooler didn't necessitate moving any other stock parts on the truck upon installation. Since doing this intercooler and a free-flowing exhaust (keeping the particulate filter), we really haven't ever seen a temperature spike since-and this truck gets run hard, too.

47-Inch Pit Bull Growlers
We're pretty sure most 47-inch-tall-Pit-Bull-tire owners aren't doing the kind of freeway driving that we're been doing. We've had these tires through rocks, mud, sand, and lots of asphalt. And we can't wait to try them in snow soon!

When the Pit Bulls were new, they rode so smoothly that we honestly couldn't believe that we were driving down the freeway on 47-inch tires. They've been on our truck for one year now, and we've learned a few things about them. The most important thing we learned is that they work absolutely great in all off-road conditions. The massive size and large tread lugs makes this tire almost unstoppable. But they are not rolling as smoothly down the road as they used to. As they aged, our tires started to flat spot, just like all big bias-ply tires we've ever tried. And with a 47-inch-tall tire, you have to drive a considerable distance to heat them up enough to round them back out. We decided our best course of action is to move the truck around a few times per week to not keep one section of the tire slammed against the pavement.

Dynomax VT Muffler
Back in the August 2010 issue, we tried out a Dynomax VT muffler on a newer half-ton Chevy truck. We recently checked back in with our tester, and the report is positive. The muffler has continued to stay quiet when cruising or mildly accelerating, and still sounds considerably louder when our tester gets on the gas. Our tester tells us the exhaust note has gotten a tad deeper when the throttle is opened up as well. There has also been a small sound that has developed in the muffler-not an annoying one, our tester insists-but a tiny noise that is, what he says, is "indescribable." He believes it might be the butterfly in the VT muffler.

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