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MBRP's New Universal Mufflers

Chambered Muffler
CC Rogers | Writer
Posted February 1, 2011

Chambers Of Glasspack?

MBRP has been making complete exhausts for off-road trucks and Jeeps for some time, but its recently delved into the universal muffler market. Now you can get the same great mufflers without an entire exhaust system.

While the complete exhaust systems might be great for a vehicle owner with a supported application, it leaves out a lot of consumers who want to build custom exhausts and need only a muffler. That's why MBRP has recently released two new universal stainless-steel mufflers-a chambered muffler and a material-packed muffler-to better meet the needs of more customers.

We had the opportunity to try out the chambered muffler recently, and added to a custom exhaust we were building on one of our recent project vehicles.


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How Is The Exhaust Working Out?
The chambered muffler we put on our AMC 360 V-8 wasn't too loud at all. In fact, it was fairly quiet until the throttle was floored. The chambered muffler gives a nice throaty rumble, but not like a completely open muffler would (give). The new catalytic converter and MBRP muffler package also helped out emissions immensely, and this old Cherokee Chief passed smog with flying colors. If you're on the verge of passing or not passing a smog emissions test, a new exhaust will many times make the difference.


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