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Modifying Hydraulic Bumpstops - Airbump Rebuild

Bearing Cap
CC Rogers | Writer
Posted February 1, 2011

Fine Tuning For Bumpstops

We must have one of the few trucks out there running 2.5 hydraulic bumpstops with 2.5 inches of travel. In fact, Fox Racing Shox tells us that our request for a pair was a first.

After setting up all the suspension on a project truck we have, we realized we were extremely limited on compression travel. Since the truck was big enough to call for 2.5-inch-diameter hydraulic bumpstops over 2.0s, we had already set the truck up for 2.5s, welding the bump cans into the boxed frame, and setting up the truck with only an inch of compression travel before the axle contacted the 4-inch-stroke 2.5 bumpstops.

It was obvious that we needed to shorten the bumpstop travel, and subsequently gain more free inches of travel before the axle contacts the bumpstops.


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