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Black Rock Steel Wheels - From Silicon To Steel

Glossy Look
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted March 1, 2011

A Look At The Black Rock Wheel Factory

A frightening number of people don't know where milk really comes from, and in case you think it comes from a bottle at the local supermarket, here's a hint; you're wrong.

Why talk about the true origin of milk? As off-roaders, we've got an unprecedented number of trail goodies available, all of which combine to make our ventures in the dirt faster, smoother, safer, and more fun. Wherever possible, we need to understand how those products come to be.

It's not always feasible to visit the factories that make our favorite off-road hardware, but with Black Rock's lineup of steel wheels, it is. Black Rock's steel wheels are made entirely in-house at the Black Rock factory in Ontario, California. As it turns out, there's an amazing amount of machinery needed to turn flat steel into a true running, off-road-worthy wheel.

Follow along as Black Rock wheels go from silicon to steel. As for the true origin of milk, we'll leave that to someone else.

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Black Rock Wheels
Ontario, CA
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