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Press Tubes

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The tubes are simultaneously pressed in to the housing on a large press. ProRock 44 axles are built with six degrees of angular separation between the caster axis and the pinion axis, which is the same as a stock JK front axle - in the stock position the caster is configured at four degrees with the pinion up two degrees. Dynatrac also offers its ProRock 44 Unlimited version that has 10 degrees of separation between the pinion and caster axes. This allows between six and eight degrees caster with a pinion angle between two and four degrees pointed up. The increased caster helps with vehicle handling and steering and allows more flexibility with respect to the pinion angle in order to eliminate unwanted driveshaft vibrations. The Unlimited version of the ProRock 44 axle housing is best suited to JKs with three or more inches of lift and adjustable control arms. The standard ProRock 44 is suitable for all others, including those with stock suspension.