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Long-Term Updates - May 2011

Super Duty Bumper
Posted May 1, 2011

Sure, It Works Great For The First Week, But What About After?

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Sway-A-Way Torsion Bars
There aren’t too many performance upgrades you can do to older Chevy IFS 4WD suspension, but one of them happens to be new torsion bars that Sway-A-Way offers. We put a pair onto a half-ton Tahoe more than five years ago, and they’re still just as effective today.

The S.A.W. torsion bars installed the same way as the stock ones and were a great addition. The increased spring rate greatly improved the handling of the SUV and made the suspension more durable for off-road use. If you’re after a really soft and Cadillac-type ride, then these torsion bars are not for you.

Quick-Change Calipers
Four years ago, we replaced the front calipers on our fullsize half-ton SUV with the SSBC quick-change Force 10 calipers. They are twin-piston units that utilize factory-sized brake pads so that brake pads can be picked up at any auto parts store.

The brakes did make a difference but not as much as a brake kit that uses a larger rotor and requires a larger wheel.

We liked these calipers because they bolted on without any brackets and accept factory GM brake pads.

If you’ve got a vacuum-actuated front 4WD differential, then you may have experienced some problems with 4WD engagement. We placed this Posi-Lok retrofit kit onto a test truck about four years ago, and it still works as good as new with no cable stretching to speak of. The cable-and-lever kit replaces the vacuum actuator and provides peace of mind and certain connection of the 4WD.


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ORT Super Duty Bumpers
A few years back Off Road Tech provided us with some tube Super Duty bumpers for our project F-350 truck. They fit excellently and really finished off the front and rear ends of the truck. Over the years, the front one has been bashed, pushed cars, pushed rocks, been winched from numerous times, and has been a base for us to mount the five off-road lights in the front of the truck. Through all of this, we have pretty much wasted the cheap paint job we put on it, but the bumper itself has held up excellently. We’ll likely powdercoat for better finish durability this next go-around. OR