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Axle Gearing Illustration

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In both cases, assume we have 400 lb-ft of torque at the output of the transmission and you can see both cases deliver similar output torque to the axle shafts and tire assemblies. However, look at the difference in torque at the output of the transfer cases. The one with the 4:1 transfer case ratio puts twice the torque to the driveshaft as the 2:1 transfer case. This means the pinion gear sees twice the torque load with the lower geared T-case. While these are opposite extremes, it serves to illustrate our point about where the greater torque load occurs. (400 lb-ft) T-CASE 4:1 low range (1600 lb-ft) AXLE GEARS 2.73:1 ratio (2184 lb-ft per 2WD tire) (1092 lb-ft per 4WD tire)