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The TireGate VT Series Spare Tire Carrier

Christian Lee | Writer
Posted June 1, 2011

Easy Spare

Having the bed of a truck to stow and haul gear and equipment is a truck’s greatest asset, but in our experience some parts can be space hogs. One item in particular is a full-size spare tire. Looking for a way to get the spare tire out of the way for more gear, we came across the TireGate from Wilco Products.

Since we often carry motorcycles and equipment in our truck, as well as use it for extended adventures in Baja California, we elected to install the VT Series TireGate. The VT Series TireGate situates the tire vertically behind the truck, over the rear bumper like a Jeep tire carrier does, and can support up to a 40-inch tire. The swing-away opens wide to allow full access to the truck bed and also offers mounts for a Hi-Lift Jack. Replacing the OEM tailgate, the TireGate also eases ingress and egress to the bed area of a truck, because you can step in using the bumper or receiver hitch as a step.

We’ve been more than pleased with the efficiency of the VT Series TireGate on our Ford F-250 Super Duty 4x4. After one trip south of the border and multiple hauls to the Southern California desert, the TireGate has proven its worth.


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