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Poison Spyder’s Lazer-Fit Jeep Cage Kit

Tack Welding Corner
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted July 1, 2011
Photographers: Dusty Sharp

The "Easy Way" Done Right

When building a rig, there’s usually the hard way and the easy way. Most of the time, we encourage the hard way because it happens to be the right way. What if the easy way was the right way?

Poison Spyder has a new rollcage kit that makes the easy way also the right way. How does this happen? The Poison Spyder Lazer-Fit ’Cage Kit starts with American 1.75-inch-by-0.120-inch-wall DOM tubing. This primo structural tubing is CNC laser-notched, and each tubing joint is etched with a part number and with a precise location for the tubing intersection. On top of the laser notching and etching, the tubing is precisely CNC-bent before it’s delivered.

The benefits of the Poison Spyder Lazer-Fit ’Cage Kit are huge! There’s no guesswork involved. Complicated tube notches are taken care of. Bends are already performed. Suddenly, you don’t have to be a fabricator to install a rollcage. If you’re mechanically competent and skilled with a welding machine you’re good to go. Home builders will love the ease of installation. Those who pay shops for welding and installation will love the savings that come from a product that takes less shop time to install.

The Lazer-Fit ’cage in this CJ was installed and tack-welded in just under an hour. The laser-cut tubing notches fit well enough for TIG welding, even though Poison Spyder knows most of its customers will probably end up using the MIG process.

When it comes to Jeep rollcages, Poison Spyder’s Lazer-Fit ’Cage Kit is the easy way done right.


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