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3M Gripping Material - Grip Where You Need It

CC Rogers | Writer
Posted July 1, 2011

3M's Answer To Slippery Surfaces

When 3M came out with its Gripping Material, it was originally seen as a solution to slippery surfaces like baseball bats, golf clubs, kayak paddles, or tool handles. And truly it works absolutely great on these things. But we saw a different use, covering the top of rocker guards and bumpers with it, so we’d stop slipping off the slippery paint or powdercoat of the bumpers and rocker guards.

The 3M grip tape consists of a high-friction surface with a nylon knit backing that provides some stretch in the cross web directions. It uses a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive that sticks to even low-energy surfaces. The rubbery surface is like “thousands of gripping fingers” (3M’s words, not ours). But it really does almost grab back when you try to get grip on the Gripping Material.


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