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SSBC Brake Caliper Kit - Slow Down Your Tow Rig

Brake Set
Agustin Jimenez
| Staff Editor
Posted July 1, 2011

Installing SSBC’s Eight- Piston Aluminum Calipers

Today’s truck brake systems are more impressive than ever before. They use larger rotors and bigger calipers with more pistons, requiring larger wheels than any of their predecessors. But even with the newer brakes, any experienced towing enthusiast will tell you that there are some times when some extra braking ability would be nice. That’s why we were excited to hear about Stainless Steel Brake’s V8 Quick Change caliper kits for new heavy-duty gas and diesel fullsize trucks. The kit uses an eight-piston caliper with four pistons per side, so they squeeze on both sides of the rotor. The new kit is still a Quick Change SSBC kit, and subsequently fits in the stock location using a stock-sized cross-drilled rotor and a caliper that bolts directly to the knuckle, all under the factory-sized wheel.

We were already impressed with our F-350 Super Duty’s brakes—it stopped surprisingly well for an 8,000-pound truck on 40-inch tires—but we are always eager to improve it if possible and bolting up the SSBC V8 Quick Change kit seemed like a great way to get a better control on our slowdowns and reduce our braking distances when our truck is loaded with a trailer and a full bed.


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