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Jerry Cans Rear

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Two-door JKs have an 18.5-gallon fuel capacity. That’s not much for exploring the backcountry. In keeping with Sleeper’s mission to be relatively lightweight and not have equipment permanently hanging from it, we needed a solution for carrying extra gas. Rock-Slide Engineering’s EZ Rack equipment and can brackets are strong, lightweight aluminum. The black mounting brackets for the 2-gallon RotopaX cans mount in seconds. The RotopaX cans are strong, roto molded, and don’t leak. Not shown here, the EZ Rack is available with an aluminum top piece that can carry all kinds of gear. The ratchet is supposed to be on the bottom of the spare, but in our application, using the stock spare on the stock carrier, the ratchet hit the bumper. As we’re not carrying anything on top of the tire, the ratchet works fine up high. We’ll be trimming the excess strap, but not until we’re sure we’re staying with the stock spare and carrier. The Cool Tech antenna bracket bolts to the stock spare carrier. The rear bumper is from Exped