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Bolt-On Jeep Cherokee XJ Upgrades

Front Right Angle
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted August 1, 2011
Photographers: Brian Blumer, Joel Blumer

With a Side Order of Unibody Repair

If you remember the Cherokee formerly known as “Je_p,” you’ll recall it’s a ’91 XJ that was in sad shape when we started on it. Things are looking much better these days, but there were still issues that needed addressing.

What issues were these? The rear tires rubbed and the steering felt sloppy. The solution? The product line at Currie Enterprises. Currie offers several bolt-on products that effectively address common XJ problems.

While under the XJ, we discovered that part of the sloppy steering came from a cracked unibody subframe next to the steering box. Repairing unibody structure isn’t a lot of fun, but it was satisfying to have the XJ snatched away from death’s door once again.

The former “Je_p” is still alive and stronger than ever.


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Currie Enterprises
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