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Body Repair

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We were ready to tackle the front of the XJ. In a previous life, this Jeep had been hit at the left front. You can see the wrinkled unibody subframe at the top of the photo. The Jeep was also driven with the steering box bolts unknowingly loose. These factors combined to make for some very sloppy steering, not to mention it was structurally unsound. Important note: this XJ is a ’91, and Jeep strengthened the unibody for the ’97 model year. Shopping for an XJ? We’d recommend a ’97-to-’01 model. As soon as the sway bar was unbolted, we cut away the damaged bottom face of the unibody subframe. We also replaced one of the steering box through-bolt sleeves. One of the nuts for the sway bar had broken loose. This was welded back into place.