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35-Spline JK Dana 44 Locker - 35-Spline 44s

Posted in How To on August 1, 2011
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Photographers: Courtesy of Auburn Gear

Auburn Gear’s new 35-spline ECTED Max JK Dana 44 differential is quite the impressive little unit, but it’s specifically built for a JK (Wrangler) Dana 44 differential housing and nothing else. What is the difference? Well, besides a stronger pinion setup, the JK Dana 44 uses an 8.8-inch ring gear, giving you a stronger ring and pinion set. With a stronger pinion, the JK Dana setup has now alleviated the weakest point in a typical Dana 44 setup (the pinion). The next most common break would be the typical 30-spline axleshafts found on a standard Dana 44. And that’s why Auburn invented the 35-spline ECTED Max for the JK Dana 44 housing.

When we wanted to build a lightweight axle almost as strong as a Dana 60, but with more ground clearance and fewer unsprung pounds, the JK Dana 44 centersection stuffed with a 35-spline ECTED Max seemed like the perfect setup.

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Differential Type: Limited-slip locking differential with limited-slip and locked positions
Locking Actuation: electronically locking
Application: JK Dana 44
Axle Spline Count: 35
Carrier Split: No carrier split, 4.10-and-up (numerically) gears
Ring Gear Size: 8.8 inches
Estimated Cost: $800


Auburn, IN 46706

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