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Dick Cepek Mud Country: So Much More Than a Mud Tire

Toyota 4runner Front Angle
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted October 1, 2011

Civilized Aggression

In the tire world, there are specialists and there are generalists. Specialists can be found on both ends of the spectrum. There’s the street tire that’s wonderful on the tarmac but offers zero grip and durability in the dirt. There’s the mud tire that self-cleans in a heartbeat but obnoxiously lug-thumps over hardpack and chunks its knobs at the thought of a rock.

Most of us, especially those who drive our rigs to the trails we run, need a generalist. Even then, there’s a spectrum to choose from. Several offerings are more competent at hard terrain and pavement, but give up something in soft terrain and in the rocks. Then there’s the Dick Cepek Mud Country. It’s the tire for those who spend a lot of time off the pavement, but need to get to the trails sans trailer. It’s got an aggressive tread and a high void ratio. It’s got a generous tread depth for long life, and added value. Each knob is siped, so wet-weather performance is on board, as well.

If “civilized aggression” describes your trail rig, you’ve found the perfect tire to go with it.


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