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Energy Suspension - Replacing Worn-Out Body Bushings

Body Mounts
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted October 1, 2011

One Hour to Swap Out Those Body Mounts!

If you haven’t heard the name Energy Suspension, then you’re either a newbie in off-roading or have had your head buried in the sand. Energy has been around since we were kids, and they’ve been making replacement Hyper-Flex polyurethane body mounts and suspension bushings to replace worn-out rubber pieces the entire time. We know you understand why suspension points get worn with driving and vehicle use, but why bother replacing your body mounts unless the cab is actually leaning to the side and banging on the frame?

For us, it was a body flex issue due to old age. One of our project Dodges is now 17 years old, and the body mounts had never been touched. There was nothing really wrong with them and they still supported the cab on the frame, but they had gotten a little squishy which, allowed a little more cab movement than we wanted. New polyurethane body bushings will give a firmer connection between the frame and the cab and be more resistant to smog, grease, and oil than rubber ever could be.


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