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The New Baja XP - Corbeau Suspension Seat

Corbeau Suspension Seat Side View
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted November 1, 2011

Bolting in Suspension Seats

It had been some time since my old K5 Blazer had gotten any bit of time or work dedicated to it. It sat outside for too long with the top off, and the seats faded and the fabric was starting to get abrasive and fatigued. It was time for some new seats to renew this ride, and I’d heard that Corbeau had a new suspension seat out—the Baja XP—which had a whole helluva lot of support, but also fit up to a 40-inch waist—something really important for bigger guys. I ordered up a pair and took them to SMP Fabworks to have them installed and to start the rejuvenation of my K5 Blazer.


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