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Rear Fold Axle With Superior Super 88 Kit

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09. The rear Ford 8.8 rear axle with the Superior Super 88 kit is something I couldn’t be more pleased with, and probably my favorite axle swap into any vehicle I’ve ever built due to the fact that I got a $400 big axle with disc brakes, the correct bolt pattern, and was able to get rid of the C-clips and add chromoly axles with the $600 Super 88 kit. I drastically changed the rear suspension with a Rock Krawler four-link conversion kit, and I have nothing but nice things to say about it. Since we were adding some extra weight, I swapped in Old Man Emu rear TJ Wrangler coils to float the rear. I also ended up swapping the Bilstein 5150 shocks for new 5160 shocks with a totally separate remote reservoir. The 5160 is an even more impressive shock than the 5150 and is still specifically valved for my Cherokee.