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33 Inch Dick Cepek Fc 2

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18. The spare tire carrier bolts onto the C-ROK bumper after some holes are drilled in the two corners of the bumper. There is a quick-release pin for one side of the carrier to swing the carrier open and access the tailgate, but I’ve found that I just don’t get into the tailgate as much anymore due to the added hassle, and instead just reach over the back seat for cargo unless I’m carrying something really heavy. The 33-inch Dick Cepek FC-II is sort of flying right in my line of rear sight, but I can still see out the back window. For easier daily driving duty, I’m thinking that I’ll probably start leaving the spare tire carrier portion off—unless I’m heading on an off-roading trip—so I can see out the back clearly and can more easily access cargo through the tailgate.