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Long-Term Updates - February 2012

Dt Pro Fab Control Arms In Action
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted February 1, 2012

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Dodge Control Arms

We’ve built our Dodge to our liking (you can check it out at with a number of components that we felt meant our standards and every piece has really worked beautifully for what we needed. One modification we’ve really liked was the addition of the DT Pro Fab control arms to the truck. They’re fixed arms so there is no worrying about adjustment, and you can order them in stock length, half-inch longer, or 1-inch longer than stock. We’re running the 1-inch-longer-than-stock arms with around four inches of suspension lift, and 37-inch tires can travel completely into the fenderwell without hitting and tearing up the fender.

The DT arms have urethane bushings on them, which makes for a nice ride and allows the arms to flex during off-camber situations. We recently took a look at the arms and the urethane bushings are still in great condition, and the arms look brand new after a wipe with some water and a rag.


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Chevy Mid-Travel Kit

The JD Fabrication mid-travel IFS kit on our 2000 Silverado Z-71 has proven to be a boost to our off-road capability. After the install of the upper control arms, we’ve found the extra couple of inches in droop travel helps keep the tires planted better, especially on cross ruts. We’ve run dirt roads and some hilly, eroded mountain trails, and in our experience the truck articulates better. We find that we have a tire in the air less often now and the traction is improved with the better travel. We’ve had no reliability or durability issues with the kit.


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