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Currie Jeep Wrangler JK Rock Jock Axles

Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted January 3, 2012

Dana 60 Strength, No Computer Issues

If there’s a trail rig that begs for larger-than-stock tires, it’s the JK. Jeep built so much tire clearance into the fenderwells that stock tires almost look like shop casters.

There’s a fly in the ointment, though. Jeep also equipped the JK with axles (especially the front) that need upgrading and reinforcement even with stock-sized tires. This means the JK not only begs for larger-than-stock tires, it also begs for stronger-than-stock axles.

You can reinforce and upgrade your stock axles, but there’s still a point at which you’ll push your stock axles over the edge.

If you’ve pushed your stock JK axles over the edge, you’ve probably got a Dana 60 upgrade on your wish list. No doubt then, too, that you’re aware of the vehicle compatibility issues that go with such an upgrade. Acronyms like ESP and ABS have to be dealt with or you’ll end up with a dashboard lit up with warning lights like a Christmas tree.

Currie’s lineup of Rock Jock axles now includes Dana 60 applications for the JK. The JK-specific brackets mean they’ll bolt right in, but that’s not the big news. The big news is that Currie has done the homework required to make the Rock Jock 60 compatible with Jeep’s electronics. A Rock Jock upgrade brings big-time strength and trail prowess to your JK, but thankfully the computer won’t have the slightest clue anything’s different underneath.

Follow along as a pair of JK Rock Jock 60s are built for the trail. These particular axles will end up under a JK owned by Ed Fisher, a Jeep we’ll be showing you more of in the future. Among Ed’s upgrades is a 6.1L Hemi V-8. Combined with the large tires he’ll be running, it’s a combo that’s able to snap stock axles and bend stock housings on command.

Currie JK Rock Jocks: Dana 60 strength, no computer issues.


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