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Phoenix Systems Reverse Brake Bleeder

Posted in How To on April 1, 2012
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Forty-one percent of brake systems have trapped air that can reduce your stopping power. The Phoenix Reverse Brake Bleeder is a pro quality tool engineered to eliminate trapped air in any auto hydraulic brake system regardless of brake fluid type. One man can bleed the brakes on any vehicle in 10 minutes or less — even tough ABS. It features patented Phoenix "reverse bleed" technology used every day by U.S. military technicians, GM dealers, and national brake repair shop chains. Phoenix Reverse Bleeders harness the obvious principle that air wants to go up and guarantees easier, faster, and better results for brake bleeding, master cylinder bench bleeding, and even bleeding hydraulic clutch systems.

Phoenix Systems MaxPRO brake bleeder also bleeds hydraulic clutch systems and comes in this handy, easy-to-carry storage case.

The Phoenix Reverse Brake Bleeder is a revolutionary tool based on an obvious concept: air wants to go up. That's it. Traditional brake bleeding tools and techniques fight this principle. Phoenix Reverse Bleeders harness it, so you can quickly remove all the air from the whole braking system. Reverse bleeding - it's an idea so simple and obviously right that many ask, "Why has no one thought of this before?"

Fittings lock together for a leak-free seal.

Need more proof that Phoenix brake tools are the "Real Deal?" The U.S. military recently decided to include Phoenix's top-end brake bleeder, the MaxPRO (shown here) in its Standard Automotive Tools set (SAT). Phoenix reverse bleeding is a patented technology approved and recommended by GM, Bendix Brakes, and the United States Armed Forces.

Phoenix Reverse Bleeders also work as traditional bleeders by sucking fluid down, but why use them that way? Reverse bleeding works. It works fast and it gets the job done the first time!

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Phoenix Brake Systems

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