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1996 Chevy S10 Blazer: The Almighty Dime Gets A Facelift

Posted in How To on April 1, 2012
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If you’ve been following our Almighty Dime project, you know it began like a lot of our readers’ projects — a stock vehicle without any serious off-road prowess. Over time it has evolved from a highway queen into a capable off-roader; however this type of build doesn’t happen overnight.

As is the case with a lot of builds, our S-10 Blazer project vehicle is being done in stages. Most of us do not have enough extra cash lying around to turn a stock truck into a killer prerunner overnight, so we’ve been doing things a little bit at a time to improve handling, performance, functionality and looks. If you’ve built your own truck you know how the itch starts and eventually turns into a fever, and small projects somehow turn into full-scale overhauls. You do one modification and then another, until eventually all your upgrades have been upgraded and you’re left with very little of your stock vehicle.

With our Almighty Dime showing a little off-road prowess, we wanted to concentrate on revamping the looks and turning a cheap 4x4 into clean-looking off-roader. After we added the Cervini hood, Glassworks fiberglass front fenders and a sweet satin black paint job, we couldn’t quit staring at the dull stock front grille and old cloudy headlight lenses. Luckily we knew just who to call, and our buds at T-Rex were happy to indulge our never-ending upgrade obsession.

We finished off the body’s front end (and subsequently the rear’s, too) with some Prerunner bumpers straight from the lair of the Metul Munky. Not only did they add to the intense look of the S-10, but the rear now holds a full-sized 33-inch spare tire while the front holds two 10-inch-diameter Baja Designs HID lights. Totally evil S-10.

Once we had the bumpers installed and painted and the lights mounted, it was finally time to take the Dime to the desert. We met up with the Metul Munky and the Dezert Dimers from our favorite online S-10 resource at the Barstow racetrack for their annual BBQ to put her to the test. A quarter of a mile into the first ride, a fellow ’Dimer flagged us down to let us know we were dumping coolant... and so begins the next round of upgrades.

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Baja Designs
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