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Sway-A-Way’s Toyota Tundra Solution

Toyota Tundra
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted April 1, 2012

Four New Shocks, One Transformed Truck

Factory coilovers are one of the best aspects of new-generation half-ton trucks. Compared to torsion bars, coilovers are far more reliable and far more tunable. In most cases, frames and suspension for two- and four-wheel-drive trucks with factory coilovers are identical, making it easier and more cost-effective for suspension companies to develop replacement shocks for these trucks.

This month, we’ve got two bolt-in replacement coilover suspensions for your perusal. The first covers the ’07-and-newer Toyota Tundra, and the second covers the ’09-and-newer Ford F-150.

Lift height can easily be added using a replacement coilover system. Lift is dialed in by increasing or decreasing the coil spring preload, allowing adjustment between zero and three inches of lift. Lift height alone isn’t the reason to add a high-end coilover to your truck. The added height is admittedly modest, but the added performance is stratospheric. The suspension control and ride quality is simply unmatched by stock shocks. High-end replacement coilovers dwarf their stock counterparts in terms of oil capacity, fade resistance, and durability. It’s a night-and-day difference that can double your truck’s off-road speed. While it won’t transform your truck into a Trophy Truck, it will transform your truck into a superior version of its former self.

A final benefit to bolt-in coilover suspension systems is that the A-arms still mount to the chassis in the stock locations: no drop brackets anywhere in sight. Drop bracket suspension kits offer certain benefits, but one glaring drawback is the way drop brackets put extra leverage on the chassis.

Now that we’ve touched on bolt-in coilover theory, let’s take a look at Sway-A-Way’s suspension solution for the ’07-and-newer Tundra.

Differences in hardware quality are also vast, as the SAW shock features billet aluminum construction for the rod end, shock body end cap, seal head, piston, and upper adapter plate. The stock shock’s spring preload cannot be adjusted, while the Sway-A-Way coilover offers a wide adjustment range. Finally, the Sway-A-Way coilover’s parts are available a la carte, making it possible to repair a worn or damaged shock part without replacing the whole shock.

Sway-A-Way’s bolt-in coilover kit consists of a pair of 2.5-inch diameter front coilovers and a pair of 2.0 smooth-body rear shocks. The shocks are configured to attach to stock mounting points using stock mounting methods: no fabrication or other modifications required. The internal valving is custom-tuned for Toyota’s latest Tundra which is a bigger, heavier beast compared to the first-generation Tundra.


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