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Trail Tools Guide

Extreme Outback Powersports Puncture Repair Kit
Christian Lee | Writer
Posted May 1, 2012

'Wheel Worry Free

Parts break, especially when you're doing your best to push your 4x4 beyond its limits. When the trail hits back you'll want to be ready. The best way to do that is to have the right tools on hand to complete field repairs as necessary. Most of the tools listed here will help fix what's broken while also helping you simplify essential trail prep tasks. Equip your 4x4 with the right trail tools and you can 'wheel without worry.

ARB Speedy Seal
The ARB Speedy Seal tire puncture repair kit includes all of the components necessary to repair tubeless radial or cross ply tires, without removing the tire or rim. The kit includes a quality pencil-type tire gauge with dual pressure range and dual chuck, insertion and reamer tools, lubricant, additional valve accessories, and 30 self-vulcanizing repair cords for complete air sealing.

  • Packaged in a compact, high-visibility, blow molded carry case
  • Spare repair cords are available in packs of 50 from ARB
For more information, contact:
(800) 761-8192

Cobra HH Road Trip Handheld CB Radio
The Cobra HH Road Trip Handheld CB Radio with Weather and SoundTracker offers 40 CB channels, complete access to 10 National Weather Channels (7 NOAA and 3 International) for the latest weather information, and SoundTracker, a patent-pending technology that dramatically improves the sound quality of the transmission and reception of CB radio signals.

  • High efficiency flexible antenna provides maximum range and bends without breaking
  • Includes a magnet-mount mobile antenna and DC power cord for in-vehicle use
  • Omni-directional microphone allows voice to be picked up from multiple directions
  • Range varies between 1/2 and 4 miles depending on geographic terrain
For more information, contact:
Cobra Electronics Corporation

Extreme Outback Powersports Puncture Repair Kit
The Extreme Outback Products Powersports Puncture Repair Kit is ideal for repairing tubeless tires. The kit includes: a handle with needle inserter and probe, 15 high-quality plugs, three tubes of glue, three valve cores, a razor knife, two valve caps, a four way tire tool, and a Mil Spec two compartment storage pouch.

  • Storage pouch measures 5 by 3.5 by 3.5 inches, about the size of a pocket camera
  • This product won a Global Media Award at the 2009 SEMA Show
For more information, contact:
Extreme Outback Products
(866) 447-7711

Extreme Outback Velocity Portable Compressor Kit
The ExtremeAire Velocity Portable Compressor kit features the first synthetic oil-lubed, 3/4-HP, fan-cooled compressor with a 100-percent continuous duty rating. Features include a 225 PSI restart capability, a 3,000-hour lifespan, and 12- or 24-volt versions.

  • The portable version includes 10-foot jumper cables, 30 feet of coil hose, brass fittings, brass air chuck, stainless-steel mounting hardware, a pressure gauge, and an LED flashlight
  • The filter element is replaceable and can also be remotely mounted
  • Packaged in a portable metal box
For more information, contact:
Extreme Outback Products
(866) 447-7711

Daystar Products Cam Can
The Daystar Cam Can is a 2.5-gallon can designed to hold extra fuel, water, or other fluid. Each Cam Can includes one mount and three cams to safely attach to any Jeep Wrangler or Toyota rear mounted spare tire. The center lockable shaft is available in two lengths to accommodate up to two Cam Cans (lock sold separately).

  • Fits easily within the diameter of a 15-inch wheel and it can be removed in seconds using built-in handles. Additional mounts and cams to store your Cam Can in the garage or on your trailer
  • Manufactured from rotationally-molded Paxton 7000 Series Polyurethane Resin
  • Available colors/options include: Red CARB Approved with spout for gasoline, Green for any non-fuel liquid or Grey/Blue for potable water
For more information, contact:
Daystar Products
(800) 595-7659

Gerber Vehicle Safety Kit
Gerber's Vehicle Safety Kit equips you with rugged emergency tools for any situation. The kit includes: a Multi-Plier 600 multi-tool, a Back Paxe Axe, water and shock resistant, machined aluminum MAG-Lite 2D Cell flashlight, a compact folding spade, and an Exchange-A-Blade hand saw.

  • The compact size (12 by 11 by 3 inches) of the kit enables it to be stored almost anywhere. Velcro strips are included so that it can be adhered to vehicle carpeting
  • The included Multi-Plier 600 multi-tool features 14 tools in one, Gerber's patented one-hand opening, and a solid stainless steel construction
For more information, contact:
(800) 950-6161

GarageMate BajaBuster
The BajaBuster is a multi-use excavation tool designed to be carried in a 4x4. It features three tools in one: a jack handle, a shovel, and a hoe.

  • Durable finish and all-steel construction
  • Features spade and hoe attachments
For more information, contact:
Heininger Automotive
(888) 722-5240

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