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Behind-the-Seat Trail Clearance - Oregon PowerNow 40V Max Chainsaw

Clearing A Downed Tree
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted May 1, 2012

Lithium Ion Battery-Powered Chainsaw

My buddy is an electric-chainsaw guy. He doesn’t have very much to cut very often and the stuff he has to cut isn’t that big. Plus, he complains that he doesn’t want to try to start a cold gas-powered saw twice a year. Personally, I can’t imagine being plugged in while trying to cut limbs or trunks, and an electrical cord doesn’t do much good out in the wilderness when trying to clear a downed tree off a trail. Not only that, but most electric saws are light-duty units that can’t handle what we have to throw at it.

But I admit that I’m impressed with the new Oregon PowerNow lithium battery-powered chainsaw that was recently sent to us. Though we haven’t had it long enough to verify this, the battery is said to hold its charge for months while sitting unused. The fact that there is no gas or oil smell allows me to carry it in the cab with zero noxious fumes, and it’s truly usable anywhere like a gas chainsaw. It still won’t hit the big limbs that a nice, big gas-burning unit will do, but the PowerNow 40V Max seems to be a great little saw to haul behind the seat of your truck.

Oregon PowerNow 40V Max Chainsaw

Model: CS 250
Guide bar length: 14 inches
Chain pitch/gauge: 3/8-inch profile, 0.050-inch gauge
Battery: Lithium ion
Nominal voltage: 37
No-load chain speed: 6,400 rpm
Chainsaw weight: 11 pounds

The PowerNow 40V Max chainsaw comes complete with a 37-volt lithium ion battery pack and charger. The chainsaw not only has the typical chain tension adjustments and chain oil fluid reservoir, it also has a built-in sharpening stone on a red easy-to-use lever.


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